Help with Reservations

Luncheon Reservations

There is no longer a need to call the Cohen House to make a reservation. All reservations are made through the Club’s website. To search the reservation database or to create a reservation, use the Open Reservation Search Form.

With this form, luncheon openings may be viewed in the Club’s schedule and then created with luncheon reservations for a room or a table.

Change or Cancellation Period

The reservation system does not permit changes or cancellations to reservations after the following periods have expired:

  1. Table Reservations deadline for editing changes or cancellations is 10 am the day of the reservation
  2. Private Room Reservations for editing any changes or cancellations is 10 am the day prior to the reservation

Please call the Faculty Club Office at 713.348.4000 if a deadline has been missed.